url2bmp - user guide

  1. Type in your address
  2. Virtual screen size
  3. Generated image size
  4. Start the capture
  5. Build command line and copy it in clipboard
  6. help (this page)
  7. Version info and version checking
  8. Image file name
  9. Delay before image writting
  10. File format
  11. Remove right scroll bar

url2bmp draws a web page on a virtual screen. This virtual screen size is set in (2). The web page image is written in a bitmap file, name is set in field (8) format in radio buttons (10). You can set zoom factor if (3) is different from (2). Enter address in (1), check size (2,3), file name (8) then press GO (4).

(5) generates a command line that can be use for automated capture process

(11) delete right scroll bar, works only when (2)=(3)

(9) is a delay, set in seconds, allowing for dynamic page (DHTML) to build before capture

(7) gives version number and offer a tool for version update checking.

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