url2bmp - command line syntax

Command line options are:

-url url to convert to
-file output file
-format accept "png", "bmp", "jpeg" and "tiff"
-wx virtual screen width
-wy virtual screen height
-bx bitmap width
-by bitmpat height
-wait, number of second to wait before bitmap generation
-maximize start in maximized mode
-notinteractive run and exit when done
-removesb remove right scroll bar

Usage example 

Capture the specified url, draw it on a 1024*1500 virtual screen, save the bitmap in png format
url2bmp.exe -url http://msdn.microsoft.com -format png -file "c:\temp\space path\msdn.png" -wx 1024 -wy 1500 -maximize -wait 2 -notinteractive

Draw the specified url on a 1000*1500 virtual screen and save a jpeg file half size, command line options order is not important.
url2bmp.exe -file yahoo.jpg -format jprg -wx 1000 -wy 1500 -bx 500 -by 750 -notinteractive -url http://www.yahoo.com

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